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Cinema Services Ltd

North Harbour Rentals are proud to announce the acquisition of Bald Eagle Supplies.

This latest addition to our company, along with the acquisition of Cinema Services Ltd in 2010, cements our position as the premier supplier of film specific vehicles to the New Zealand film industry, along with a full range of rental trucks, vans and utes.

We can provide high quality, state of the art vehicles to both international and domestic film companies.

If you're a film or TV producer looking for specialised film vehicles such as Makeup, Wardrobe, Camera and Greenrooms, then contact North Harbour Rentals today on 0800 110 110.

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Proud supplier of vehicles to:

The HobbitSpartacus Gods of the ArenaSpartacus Blood and SandYogi BearLegend of the seekerWolverineNarniaPrince CaspianPower Rangers